Collect & return eight 8knots oyster tokens to receive an Original 8knots Pestemal

History of the Oyster Token: from the late 1800s to as recently as the mid-1900s, U.S.oyster pickers and shuckers were paid in brass or steel tokens issued by individual commercial shucking houses. At the close of each business day, the workers could turn in earned tokens for cash, or spend them at the company store.

To redeem your 8knots oyster tokens: 

  1. Collect eight oyster tokens by purchasing eight items which carry the token (8knots set of four linen napkins or our custom gift wrap)

  2. Send us an email with REDEEM OYSTER TOKENS in the subject line, and we’ll get back to you with info on how and where to send tokens

  3. Return the eight tokens to us, along with proof of purchase for the eight items (Please remember to save copies of your receipts)  

  4. We'll send you an Original 8knots Pestemal